With 950 passengers, the magic of the Christmas Train returns to the Valley

Dec 31, 2022

The magic of Christmas, the emotion of experiencing a unique trip and the memories of yesteryear were the protagonists in the return of the Christmas Train, a day organized by Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) and Ferronor in which more than 950 people participated: neighbors of the communities, workers of the aforementioned companies and their families.

The trip, which took place on Wednesday, December 21, included six trips through the towns of Vallenar, Freirina and Huasco, in two specially equipped carriages. On each of the routes, passengers had the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas play, sing Christmas carols and observe the landscapes of the province from another perspective, mixing the enthusiasm of a new adventure for children, and the awakening of past experiences among adults.

In this regard, CMP's Operations Manager, César Garrido, who was part of the Maitencillo - Las Tablas itinerary, noted that "this good initiative brings us even closer to our communities and also to the rail transport process. As a company and the organizing team, we are very pleased with the participation and happiness reflected in the neighbors of the territory, and we hope to continue promoting this type of meetings".

Words in line with those expressed by the assistant manager of CMP Valle del Huasco Operations, Marcos Sarmiento: "sustainable development is achieved in this way, with activities that are of great value for the holiday that is approaching, we as a company, and the people of the environment where we are operating. We have resumed this Christmas Train and we believe that its protagonists, children and adults of the territory, enjoyed it very much".

In turn, Ferronor's commercial manager, Cristián Martínez, emphasized the effort to resume this journey. "The turnout was massive and people arrived much earlier at each station, which confirms how much this event is expected, which we hope to continue doing no matter what happens. The children enjoyed every activity on the wagons and the adults remembered with nostalgia the old passing of the train", he said.

Juana Barraza, a native of Huasco Bajo, after claiming her ticket between Las Tablas and Las Losas, said excitedly: "My husband recently left, after 55 years together, and being invited to ride the train made me very happy, because I could relive beautiful memories of when I was young and traveled north to Antofagasta and El Salvador. For her part, Guillermina Arias, a senior citizen from the Villa Las Palmas sector in Huasco, said that "I am very grateful to CMP and Ferronor because it has been years since I rode the train, and before I only used to travel by this means of transport. I am delighted and thanks to them I am here, with my family, having a wonderful time.