We planted 350 olive trees with the community of Incahuasi

22 Nov, 2022

In a symbolic activity framed in the commitment to the environment, the community of Incahuasi and Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) planted 350 ornamental olive trees. The planting is located on land donated by the company and will be irrigated by the new water treatment plant that operates on the same site.

The event was attended by the sector's Neighborhood Board No. 15, CMP workers and collaborators, and students from the Isidora Aguirre de Incahuasi kindergarten. It was the youngest children who led the activity, in a recreational encounter in which they were able to give a name to the planted specimens and thus value the importance of caring for the environment and the local flora.

For Marcela Nuñez, President of the Incahuasi Neighborhood Council N°15, the planting was the culmination of a collaborative work between the families of the sector, the Municipality of Vallenar and CMP to start up the treatment plant, a long-awaited project that is already a reality and that will promote the recycling of water resources for the irrigation of olive trees.

"This is a sewage treatment plant that is in charge of the company Rubén Berrios, it is a sewage plant because we had never had it before and with this sanitary solution the water arrives, goes through several processes and the last one is chlorination. It is this water that will allow us to irrigate all these trees. CMP has been a company that has been present and, with the purpose of this project, we are proud to have these neighbors who are there supporting all the needs that the town may have", he assured.

CMP's Elqui Valley Operations Assistant Manager, Roberto Mosqueira, referred to the initiative and the contribution made to the community neighboring the Pleito Mine that operates in the area. "All of this is our company's contribution to the well-being of the locality, as well as, in this opportunity, to the contribution of the land and climate change. I am extremely happy to participate, because there is a tree that bears my name and will remain for the production of olive trees in the future," he said.

Similar words were shared by Alondra, a student of the Isidora Aguirre Kindergarten, who said very happily that "what I liked most was planting, taking care of the planet and the most important thing is that the plants are in our lungs", a message that was echoed by her classmate, Mayra, adding that "it is good to plant trees because they give oxygen".